Latest IB Math Internal Assessment Topics: Definitive Guide 2021

Assume you were gripped by the shape of nuclear reactor chimneys known as Natural Draft Cooling Towers. Why are they shaped that way? Mathematics is an interesting language that can describe something like that. And when you investigate such a personally fascinating subject within the confines of the IB’s regulations, you will be writing your internal mathematics assessment. Writing a winning evaluation requires you to choose the latest IB Math Internal Assessment Topics for presenting your ideas

IB Math Internal Assessment Topics

As you might expect, the IB math internal assessment is all about mathematically exploring a topic of interest. The way you present your ideas determines how many points you will get. Most students, however, are terrified of both the IB math exam and the internal assessment.

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Do you still want to go? This article will provide you with everything you need to know to select appropriate topics for your math IA and an overview of the test, and some new sample idea topics for the math IA.

What the IB Math Internal Assessment Topics All About

The internal mathematics assessment entails investigating the math behind a topic of interest and presenting the findings in a short comprehensive report. Ideally, the idea should be unique and demonstrate that you have a solid understanding of mathematical concepts, principles, and knowledge.

The IBO is looking for the following in a good essay. This is according to the IA mathematics rubric:

Good communication

Communication assesses how well you organize and explain your research. It must be well-developed logically and coherently. The essay should be divided into three sections: an introduction, a rationale or explanation, and a conclusion.

Professional Presentation of mathematics

It would help if you used appropriate mathematical languages and the necessary formulae, diagrams, tables, charts, models, and other figures.

Personal involvement

This is a measure of how much the student interacts with the material personally. It is more than just being original or authentic with the idea; it must come from some experience in your life or one with which you have direct links.


This criterion evaluates the student’s review and analysis of the problem and its solution during the exploration.

The application of mathematics

This is self-explanatory – how well does the student apply the concepts, knowledge, and skills acquired in their previous mathematical level?

Thus, the math IA is about demonstrating your ability to apply abstract concepts and math knowledge to a real-world situation while communicating clearly to your audience. The audience, in this case, is your instructor/professor, and writing a good IA essay begins with selecting the right IB Math Internal Assessment Topics.

Characteristics of Good IB Math Internal Assessment Topics

An excellent IB mathematics IA topic allows you to meet all of the requirements listed above. It will enable you to thoroughly investigate ideas of interest while also allowing you to put your newly acquired mathematical skills to good use.

If you want to achieve these objectives, your essay must have certain characteristics. These are the main characteristics that your topic should have:

1.      Straightforward language

Everyone should be able to understand your essay as a general rule. As a result, your topic should be straightforward. A difficult subject will be hard to write about, break down into manageable bites, and ultimately cost you valuable marks.

2.      The topic should be concise

The essay will be 6-12 pages long. You should, therefore, choose an examinable topic. As stated in previous IB assessments, the case should be specific but not so precise that it restricts or limits you. For example, we could confine our chosen problem of nuclear reactor exhaust steam funnels to modeling the hyperboloid shape of the cooling towers and work from there.

3.      The topic should be Interesting

The topic you choose must be interesting enough to pique the interest of your audience as well as your own. It must be naturally intriguing to warrant a 12-page investigation into its underlying mathematical principles.

4.      IB Math Internal Assessment Topics should be up-to-date

By “new,” we mean “relatively unexplored.” Too many students study game theory, but thousands of students have learned that topic over decades. Don’t do that; instead, try something new or add a new twist to something existing.

5.      Has a clear link to one or more mathematical fields

Your chosen topic should be based on a specific mathematical area or a subset of them. Making connections between subjects, such as calculus and geometry, will impress your instructor. However, always stay within your current academic level.

With the goal in mind, it’s time to investigate the steps that lead up to selecting the ideal math IA topic.

Guidelines for Choosing IB Math Internal Assessment Topics

Most mathematicians insist that math is more than just an abstract subject. It has useful links to the outside world, which is the whole point of the internal assessment.

Begin with real-life experiences to help you identify a mathematical area you want to investigate.

The steps below will assist you:

1.      Brainstorm different topics

The first challenge is to identify a broad area of interest related to your interests. For example, if you are interested in medicine and want to pursue a career in it, you can begin by focusing on a specific field that interests you. Future lawyers, business people, engineers, and information technology enthusiasts can find something interesting to pursue.

2.      Narrow down the search.

With the first few IB Math IA ideas in hand, the next step is to identify a topic with high mathematical potential. Reading a lot of journals, watching videos, and talking with friends will provide you with many seed ideas for this stage.

3.      Evaluate

Evaluate each of your thoughts on the strength of the qualities listed above. Is it significant? Is it simple enough for your skill level? Exciting? Will it help you in your career or your personal life?

4.      Perform a general search

General research into the mathematics involved in your chosen topic will assist you in determining the feasibility of your subject. The goal here is to determine whether the idea is appropriate for you and whether you can find suitable material to base your research on.

5.      Create a working research question

Every IA requires a research question to guide the investigation and provide direction for the essay. The research question, like the topic, should be specific but broad enough to give you enough material to fill the 6-12 page limits.

IB Maths Internal Assessment Topics Examples


  1. A nuclear Natural Draft Cooling Tower with a hyperboloid shape – model the condition, find the airflow metrics, and calculate the volume and surface area
  2. Calculate the surface area/volume of an egg
  3. Musical chords and musical concepts
  4. Calculate the spread of a virus based on demographics
  5. Model what happened at Chernobyl/in Japan, as well as the long-term radioactive effects
  6. Pyramid (Ponzi) schemes in statistics and how con artists use math to get rich quickly
  7. The exponential increase in computer power over the last 30 years or so.
  8. The flow of traffic and the origins of traffic jam
  9. The use of regression to the mean in finance and business


  1. The likelihood of admission to the school of your choice
  2. Is there an optimal strategy for your favorite game or chance?
  3. Online security: which character combinations work best to keep you safe online in light of brute force attacks?


  1. The Monty Hall issue
  2. Insurance dangers
  3. A projectile’s movement
  4. The horn of Gabriel
  5. The problem of limited time


  1. The operation of GPS
  2. The usefulness of sundials
  3. Pure mathematics
  4. “e” as the natural logarithm: investigate
  5. The Fibonacci series
  6. Weaving/knitting
  7. System of navigation
  8. A tesseract (4D cube)

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